How to reopen a closed window?

This is a frequent question that most users of Google Chrome inquire. When using Google Chrome, it is possible to open and use multiple tabs at the same time; this applies to almost everyone. Furthermore, it is an outstanding and classy browser in the industry. On the other hand, Chrome comes with its cons and pros. When you work on multiple tabs, your Google Chrome is likely to work inappropriately. If you overload it, it crashes and brings up an error message to indicate that something went wrong on you Google Chrome window.

Nothing is annoying like losing a window that you are working on to finish your work early. In case this happens to you, worry no more because Google Chrome will still offer you a chance to reopen your closed window, especially when your browser crashes. However, you might fail to see this option most of the time. This article will take you through how to reopen a closed window.

How to reopen a closed window?

There are a variety of methods you can use to reopen your closed window. These methods include:

Method 1- Reopen the window via Chrome menu

You can resume your window using a window menu. This is the easiest way to reopen your window within a minute since it is not complicated. Commence by ensuring that you open Google Chrome window, on the left far end on top of your left hand; there are three dots to find the options for customizing.

When you are through, click on the menu to find a variety of options to pick. Click on history, here you will locate the recently closed window and click the option indicated X tabs to see the number of windows that you opened before Google chrome closed. After that, click on reopen the entire closed window, click on tab two and these tabs will open within seconds.

Method 2- Reopening a closed window manually

This is one of the best ways you should aim for when you need to reopen your closed window. However, this only applies when Google Chrome has saved what you were working on previously. If there is nothing saved on your browser and you cannot locate a closed window option on chrome menu. This means that the shortcut is not likely to help you, and you should opt to go manually. Start by going through Chrome history, click on Chrome menu or dial Ctrl + H keys. Locate the previous window you worked on, if you cannot remember its URL, search using the time. Once you find, click on it and enjoy

Method 3- Reopen a closed window via the title bar

The quickest way of reopening your closed window is through this method. Commence by reviving your Google Chrome, right-click on a space, especially beside your previous opened tab. In case it doesn’t seem very clear, right-click on the tab bar. When you right-click, you will see a variety of options, including reopening your closed window, to open click on it. When you click on reopen a closed window, you will get every tab you worked on previously before the Chrome browser closure.

Method 4-Reopening a closed window via shortcut

This is a standard method that most people use since they find it more convenient. For you to reopen your closed window using this method, you need to make sure that you dial the three shortcut keys. First, open your Chrome window after a sudden closure, then go ahead and press Ctrl + Shift + T at the same time to reopen your closed tab. When you press, you will restore all the tabs that you had previously opened within no time. This will enable you to resume your work straight away. Note that you can only use this shortcut if you are familiar with the entire shortcut keys. This is the easiest and best choice for reopening your window; you can opt for it.


Based on the information above, you are now familiar with the best and easiest methods during reopening your closed window. It calls upon you to pick on the best that is likely to serve you effectively and sufficiently. I hope that you will benefit from the above information on how to reopen a closed window.

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